All About Oceans

I’ve been studying to become an oceanographer for about 8 years, and there are so many things I’ve found out about the ocean that I would like to share with all of you.  In understanding the ocean, I’ve learned more on how it affects our ecosystem.  It also helps us understand more about astronomy, biology, chemistry, geography and many other aspects of the world.

We first learned about the ocean in pre-historic times.  We would observe the waves and the time of the waves to determine currents and trends.  Mainly the use of the ocean back then was for catching fish.  Nowadays, we observe the ocean for study it to help us understand more about how it affects our world.  There are so many types of modern technology that helps us study the ocean.  We can determine climate change, the acidity of the ocean, the ocean food chain, along with animals and other species that live in the ocean.  All these factors contribute to our full understanding of the world and will continue as modern technology allows us to.